AfterShock Comics:

2019- Mary Shelley, Monster Hunter #1-5 (pencils and inks)

2018- Cold War #1-5 (pencils, inks, colors, letters)

Vault Comics:

2019- Wasted Space #6-10 (pencils and inks)

2018- Wasted Space #1-5 (pencils and inks)

Dark Horse Comics:

2017- Halo: Rise of Atriox #4 (pencils and inks)

Image Comics:

2019- Thumbs #1-5 (pencils, inks, colors, letters, and co-creator)

2017- The Few #1-6 (pencils, inks, colors, letters, and co-creator)

Dynamite Comics:

2017- John Carter: The End #1-5 (pencils and inks)

2018- James Bond: The Body #5 (pencils and inks)

Marvel Comics:

2018- Old Man Logan Annual #1, Punisher Wasteland Journal Short (pencils and inks)

2016- Civil War II: Kingpin #3-4 (pencils and inks)

2015- Adobe/Marvel Avengers Origins: Captain America (pencils, inks, and colors)

BOOM! Studios:

2018- Power Rangers Artist Tribute Book (pencil/watercolor)

2017- Over the Garden Wall #18 variant

2016 - Jim Henson's Labyrinth: Artist Tribute Book (pencils and inks)



2015 - Created an illustration to advertise and show the capabilities of their new app.

Slater Hall Productions:

2015 - Created posters for a number of indy films produced by Slater Hall.